- December 1, 2009: Zaku Soundtrack Now Available

    The Official Zaku Soundtrack is now available from evrencelimli.com. Two editions are available: the "Lynxed" version features the full game soundtrack as it is output from the Lynx console, and the "Composer's" version is an entirely remastered collection of the Lynx originals. They may be purchased separately for $10 (US) each, or $15 (US) together.

- October 24, 2009: Zaku Released

    As of October 24th, Zaku is now available for purchase from Super Fighter Team for $40.00 plus shipping and handling. This launch date is only one month after the 20th anniversary of the Lynx's launch in September 1989.

- October 2, 2009: Zaku Trailer

    A new, exclusive video of Zaku in action has been added to the Previews page. You can also watch it right above!

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