Rikki & Vikki
Platforms : Atari 7800, Microsoft Windows
Release Date : December 26, 2018

An unexpected visit from the Misery Dragon has left Rikki & Vikki with two less children and significantly more inconvenience. Only by mastering a multitude of problematic puzzles can they reach the core of Misery's secret base and rescue the kinder.

Take on the 6 MEGA-POWER challenge alone or with a friend.

Platform : Atari Lynx
Publisher : Super Fighter Team
Release Date : October 24, 2009

After stealing a powerful beta program known as RARITY 9, the maniacal Captain Bran plots to drown the earth in unsold game products. Only Zaku can thwart the corrugated conspiracy.

Help guide her through five zones, defeat Bran's minions, and retrieve the elusive prototype in 4 MEGA-POWER of zany action.

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