Zaku is an exciting horizontal shooter for the Atari Lynx. Bursting at the seams with laughs, thrills, challenge, and evil penguins - this 4 MEGA-POWER experience delivers delightful nonsense for players of all ages.

Published by Super Fighter Team and released on October 24, 2009, Zaku ceased production on July 3, 2018.


Five unique zones with 16 stages to battle through.
Detailed environments with parallax scrolling and gorgeous colorful visuals.
Smooth 60fps action with intense baddie-blasting gameplay.
Multiple difficulties to challenge any player.
4 MEGA-POWER of tough enemies and big bosses.


A long time ago... actually in the late 1980s - a new program called RARITY 9 was showcased in beta form. Promising significantly enhanced mathematical performance on the aging 6502 CPU, its results were overwhelming - infact rivaling current supercomputers! Who thought such immense power could be harnessed from such elementary hardware?

"I don't believe it!", thought the maniacal Captain Bran. "With this sort of mathematical terror, I can develop licensed entertainment products at tenfold our current speed. By the end of this month, the world will be completely overrun with my glorious questionable quality software! The seas of corrugated packing material will usher in my new era of pain, suffering, and... cardboard!"

With that, Bran rolled onto his back and cackled insanely before issuing the order that would seal the fate of the free world forever, "Penguin Bros., get me that beta NOW! I shall conquer everything with the power of RARITY 9! No one will be able to stop me!"

It was only a matter of time before RARITY 9 disappeared and a deluge of Bran Systems licensed software poured into stores. The world seemed doomed to rot in a pit of unsold video games. But in all his plump luxury, Bran had forgotten about one person : Zaku.

Furiously shaking her fists at one of Bran's camera droids, Zaku shouted, "That beta was mine, Bran, and I'll get it back no matter what the cost. You didn't pay the licensing fee, and definitely violated the EULA! I thought I had some stupid reasons to save the world before, but this takes the cake!" Bran responded conceitedly, "Hohoho, you think you can scare me? This is no ordinary program. It's a RARITY 9; the pure scarcity alone will repel you with its massive aura of fan message boards and erroneous 'Wikipedia' articles! Come and get it if you dare!"

Will Zaku be able to recover the beta? Her mission is now in your hands as you guide her through five beautiful worlds, each complete with multiple layers of parallax scrolling and hordes of huge, angry, and unhygienic bosses. The whole experience screams by at a rock solid sixty frames per second, a guarantee that you won't miss one drop of the action.

However, the Penguin Bros. will be waiting at the end of each zone, armed and ready to take you down. Let's not forget Iremsha, Bran's newest ally, who will be following you more directly. Bran or no Bran, she'll still want to stop you dead in your tracks.

But those aren't the only ones blocking your path, for you'll soon meet up with some of the most bizarre and demented creatures in the world of side scrolling shooters, including the infamous Business Fish and T-T-Troast.

Even after you've defeated the entire lot, you've still got Bran himself. Getting back that beta won't be easy, but the world depends on it! Plus, it's a RARITY 9 - How would you ever be able to live with yourself if it were to disappear from your hands forever?!

Zaku and all related characters © PenguiNet. All rights reserved.
Produced and distributed by Super Fighter Team.
Music by Evren Celimli.