The Hero!

Age : 33
Blood Type : A

The Heroine!

Age : 35
Blood Type : O

The First!

Age : 7 3/4
Blood Type : O

The Second!

Age : ???
Blood Type : ???

(a.k.a. Misery Dragon)

Demon lord of inconvenience and captor of Rikki & Vikkiís children. Misery owns and operates the derelict theme park "Misery Land," and with over thirteen billion years in service heís become exceedingly proficient at it.

While Misery can come off as an arrogant jerk, heís not a liar and he's not incompetent.
He is a professional deity and is good at his job.

The salesman below ground, Dut has been loitering in "Misery Land" since the parkís inception. Itís unclear what his interests and goals are, or if he even has them. Heís just absolutely comfortable, making him a path of least resistance in the universe and a massive source of frustration for Misery.

Meeting Dut is a confusing yet helpful experience, youíre satisfied in the end but not sure how or why it happened.

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